About Us

Erie-Niagara Investigative Services is a locally owned and operated company licensed by the State of New York to provide professional private investigative services. We provide objective, ethical and moral investigative services for private individuals, attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, corporations, educational institutions and businesses of all sizes in Western New York that are involved in or potentially involved in criminal, civil, internal and private matters.

In addition to our professional investigative services, we also provide professional security consulting and training services in topics related to school safety and security, investigation, crime prevention, security and police science.

Our services are primarily provided and managed by current and former New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services certified law enforcement personnel who are also government certified in various investigative disciplines such as:  crime scene investigation, criminal investigation, vehicle accident investigation, surveillance, police photography and videography, interview and interrogation, police training instruction, and many other investigative disciplines.  We have access to an extensive network of investigative professionals who are subject matter experts in virtual any investigative field or specialty.

What sets our investigative services apart from others is that our investigators have years of practical in-the- field experience conducting all types of criminal, civil and internal investigations that have resulted in convictions and judgments as well as exoneration of accused parties.

We offer a full range of general and special investigative services to clients that desire nothing less than experienced investigators that operate under high standards of integrityobjectivity and moral and ethical standards.