Erie-Niagara Investigative Services offers security, safety and investigative consulting and management services to private individuals, educational institutions, corporations and businesses of all sizes.

Our crime prevention specialists provide comprehensive security and safety assessments of your home or business to help you identify security and safety risks present and offer suggestions, recommendations and guidance that will help you or your organization develop new security and safety plans and measures or enhance your existing plans and measures to decrease risk and liability.  We employ crime prevention specialists that are current and/or former law enforcement personnel who have been certified in Crime Prevention and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.  Again our specialists have actual in-the-field experience developing, implementing and managing security and safety plans.

School Safety and Security

Our area of expertise is school security. As we have all learned through repeated tragedies in our colleges, high schools and elementary schools, we can no longer view educational institutions as safe havens.  We can however, take steps to minimize risks and dangers in our schools without severely disrupting the educational process or creating a "Police State".  In a school setting, a multi-layered approach to security and safety is imperative.  Each school has it's unique special needs and we will tailor a program to fit those needs.

Dominic J. Barone II,  principal investigator and owner of Erie-Niagara Investigative Services has over 25 years of practical experience in planning, developing, implementing and managing the multi-layered comprehensive physical security and law enforcement operations of an open urban college campus consisting of 35 buildings and associated parking areas mixed among city streets, private residences and businesses in a 1 mile square area in the center of Buffalo, New York.  As a former sworn New York State Peace Officer, Public Safety Officer,Law Enforcement Investigator and Administrator, he has conducted approximately 4000 criminal, civil and professional standards investigations of all types. Dominic is able to combine his unique practical experiences and expertise in the field of school safety and security to offer security assessments and consulting services to educational institutions of all types and sizes.  Services range from conducting cursory site assessments to developing and managing comprehensive security measures and plans for educational institutions of all types and sizes.

Investigation Consulting and Management

If you are an entity that employs its own proprietary investigators or assigns non-investigative staff to conduct investigations for your company, there are two questions that you should ask yourself to insure that the investigations are objective, moral, acceptable and thorough:

  1. Does the person conducting the investigation have substantial training and practical experience conducting criminal, civil and internal investigations?
  2. Does the person supervising the investigation have substantial training and practical experience  conducting and managing criminal, civil and internal investigations?

If you answered no to either of the questions, we can work alongside your staff to manage your internal investigation and/or provide a completely objective review of your investigation to ensure that you and your staff have conducted a proper and thorough investigation that can overcome legal challenges that may arise.

We can also train your investigative staff in the following subject areas: Criminal Investigation, Civil Investigation, Rules of Evidence, Evidence Handling, Statements and Confessions, Investigative Reports, as well as a variety of other related topics. Please see our Training Services section for the complete list.