Erie-Niagara Investigative Services offers comprehensive training instruction in topics associated with protective services and law enforcement. We employ experienced Police Instructors who have been certified by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services to conduct police topic training and have presented in law enforcement agency sponsored police training academies as well as non-law enforcement entity sponsored trainingMore importantly, our instructors have actual in-the-field practical experience relative to the topics they teach, not just theory they were taught in classrooms by non-law enforcement personnel.

We offer our training services to corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and businesses of all sizes that have identified a need to have their employees trained in protective services and law enforcement topics for the good of the business operations and the safety of their employees, customers and students. We will work with you to identify your specific training needs and develop a program that best suits your needs and budget.

Many of our training courses are particularly valuable to entities that employ their own in house investigators, proprietary security staff and contracted security staff.

We also provide special training services to government and private New York State Peace Officer agencies that have a need for their Peace Officer recruits to attend New York State authorized training for certification purposes.

Training Lessons:

  • New York Penal Law
  • New York Criminal Procedure Law
  • Investigation (criminal, civil & internal)
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Statements & Confessions
  • Evidence Handling
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Laws of Arrest (citizen, security guard, peace officer & police officer)
  • Search and Seizure
  • Arrest Process
  • Court Structure
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Miranda Warning
  • Workplace Violence
  • Crime Prevention
  • NYS Peace Officer (required NYS DCJS basic course topics)
  • NYS Private Investigator License Test Preparation Course
  • Law Enforcement Ethics