Erie-Niagara Investigative Services supports the needs of private individuals who require objective investigative assistance when facing a variety of personal or legal issues that can have a profound lasting effect on their lives and the lives of loved ones. We offer our services to plaintiffs, defendants or involved parties.

It is important to employ the services of a professional objective investigator with high moral standards and integrity to examine your needs and supply objective evidence, information and findings that can give you leverage in resolving the issue you are facing.  It is foolhardy to have friends, relatives, or worse yet, yourself, conducting "home-grown" investigations on your behalf, because no matter how it turns out , the integrity and objectivity may be questioned and you and/or your "investigator" could be subject to legal, financial or personal issues that you don't need or want.  

Even if you decide not to enlist the services of Erie-Niagara Investigative Services or another private investigator and  undertake a "home-grown" investigation, Erie-Niagara Investigative Services advises you to consult an attorney before doing so.  

Erie-Niagara Investigative Services can provide you with the following investigative services:  

  • Child Support/Deadbeat Parent Location and Asset Search
  • Child Abuse/Neglect*
  • Elder Abuse/Physical/Financial Exploitation/Neglect/Abandonment/Emotional*
  • Persons with Special Needs Abuse/Neglect*
  • Child Custody/Lifestyle
  • Real Estate Disclosure Violation
  • Personal Injury/Slip and Fall
  • Accident Investigation/Review
  • Child Care Provider Check
  • Nanny-Cam Covert Camera Installation
  • Nursing Home/Adult Care Provider Check
  • Background/Integrity Check
  • Discrimination Due to Race, Sex, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Contractor Fraud/Performance History
  • Insurance Claim Damage Verification and Photographs
  • Criminal Case Review
  • Disputed Wills and Estates/Handwriting Comparison
  • Tenant Background Check

 * In cases where significant abuse is detected or suspected by our investigator, law enforcement and the client will be notified immediately.