Our fee schedule is designed to be affordable and flexible. We will make every effort to complete the investigation in the most timely and efficient manner as possible, however before enlisting the services of any private investigator please take into consideration that each investigation is unique. Some investigations can take as little as a few hours and others up to a year or more. It depends on the case complexities and the resources needed to complete the investigation in a timely manner. 

For each investigation undertaken, Erie-Niagara Investigative Services will incur expenses that are directly associated with conducting the investigation for the client. As such, the client is responsible for all reasonable expenses, including but not limited to:  investigative staff, mileage, tolls, parking, database searches, electronic storage devices and media such as DVD's, CD's and videotapes, long distance telephone charges, photographic processing, copies and other unforeseen expenses that may be necessary to get information required by the client.  Please review our general fee structure below. The complete fee structure and conditions of the particular case will be  discussed and reviewed with the client during the initial consultation.

                                                                   SERVICE RATES

Initial Consultation (30 min) - No Charge

Retainer - The retainer fee will be dependent on the projected scope of the investigation. Fees associated with the investigation will be deducted from the retainer amount and any unused portion will be returned to the client when the investigation is concluded. A $500.00 minimum non-refundable retainer fee will be required at the time of endorsement of all service agreements.

Investigator(s) - Agreed upon rate per hour/per investigator - one hour minimum per day.

Miscellaneous Services - Telephone and/or personal interviews and statements, computer record searches and research, data base searches, report writing, conferences, inquiries - Hourly rate per hour/ per investigator plus actual cost of the database search and search records.

Court Appearances - $100.00 per hour/per investigator plus expenses. Four hour (4) minimum per investigator per day.  Appearances over four hours will incur a flat rate of $800.00 per investigator/per day plus expenses. All court appearance fees are due at least seven (7) days in advance of appearance date.

Video and Photographic Review and Copy Charges - Charges to review, edit and copy video surveillance recordings and still photographs will be made at the agreed upon rate per hour plus the actual cost of the electronic storage media and copies of the same submitted to the client. Photograph and film processing will be billed to the client at the actual cost to Erie-Niagara Investigative Services.

Audio Recording Review and Transcription Charges - Charges to review and transcribe investigator interviews and audio statements of victims, witnesses, involved parties, subjects, suspects and other principals may be transcribed at agreed upon rate per hour for up to ten 8.5"x 11" pages of double spaced text. A transcription service company will be hired for those statements that exceed the aforementioned ten pages. Contracted transcription service will be billed to the client at the actual cost to Erie-Niagara Investigative Services.

Training Services - Training services are billed at an agreed upon flat rate that is determined by the scope, type, duration, location, number of attendees, number of instructors, materials needed, etc.  A training services proposal will be presented to the client for consideration prior to execution of the training service agreement. The non-refundable training services fee will be due in full upon endorsing the agreement.

Consultation Services - Consultation services are billed at an agreed upon flat rate that is determined by the scope of the services, duration, location and associated services (ex. security system design, contracted services, etc.).  A consultation services proposal will be presented to the client for consideration prior to execution of the consultation services agreement. The non-refundable fee for the consultation services agreement will be due in full upon endorsing the agreement.

Investigative Equipment - Loss or destruction (by any means) of special investigative equipment such as covert cameras, security cameras, video recording hardware, GPS tracking devices etc. that are installed at the clients home, place of business, or in/on a clients vehicle during an investigation shall be the responsibility of the client. Should the equipment become lost or destroyed (by any means), the client will be billed for the cost to replace said equipment at the actual cost to Erie-Niagara Investigative Services.